You may place your order through your local sales representative or directly via email at info@handleydrive.com or fax at 972.402.5625.

Once we receive your order, you will receive a confirmation email from us.

There is a minimum $1000 opening order for all new accounts. All subsequent orders have NO minimum reorder amount.

In-stock items are processed and shipped within 7-10 business days. Out-of-stock items are placed on back order and will ship as available. Lead times vary with out-of-stock items, but we can provide estimated ship times as requested.

BACK ORDERS: We ship “As Available”, meaning that any item not available at the time of shipment will be placed on back order and will be shipped separately. If you do not want your product back order, YOU MUST SUBMIT A CANCELLATION VIA EMAIL OR FAX PRIOR TO SHIPPING.

SHIPMENT OF ORDERS: In order to process and ship the following information MUST be on the sales order: Bill to address, Ship to Address with phone number for delivery, payment information, and email address. Orders will be placed on hold and will not ship until all information is provided.

SHIP COMPLETE/FUTURE SHIP DATES: We cannot honor ship complete dates. Should you request a future ship date for your order, please note that we do not hold product and therefore cannot guarantee that product will be on the requested date.

CANCELLATIONS: If you wish to cancel and order, you must do so IN WRITING PRIOR TO SHIPPING via email or fax. Once we receive your cancellation, we will confirm the cancellation and provide you with a unique cancellation number.

In the event that your order ships before you cancel it, you will be responsible for all transportation costs to and from as well as a restocking fee.


All first time orders must be accompanied by a credit card. We accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express. Credit cards must be the company’s card or the primary buyer/owner. Handley Drive does not accept 3rd party credit cards. Credit cards will be processed 1 to 5 business in advance of shipping as the order is being processed.

We highly discourage the use of debit cards. By using a such cards as a form of payment, you assume all risk and fees, withdraws and overdrafts associated with use of the card. Handley Drive will not accept any liability.

TERMS: Net 30 terms may be requested by anyone who has completed 3 orders via credit card, our credit application and who are in good standing with Lyons Credit. Net 30 accounts are due 30 days from the date of invoice, not the date of product receipt.

Handley Drive products are made with the upmost care and we are proud to work with some of the finest furniture, ceramic and glass artisans and factories in Europe and Asia.

WOOD PRODUCTS: The very nature and beauty of wood is its individual characteristics with are dependent on variations in grain and color. Some variation in color and texture may occur over the life of the product. These are most common with wood, wood veneer, and leather.  Wood color may vary slightly. Never rely on a photo to ascertain the true color of a wood finish as lighting, and the type of technology viewed will not accurately represent its appearance.

CERAMICS AND ART GLASS: All of our ceramics and glass are made or decorated by hand. Slight variations in glaze, color and decoration are typical and desired. With multi-color reactive glazes, colors may vary slightly on a single item. These are not flaws and are intrinsic to the artistic character of the piece. Art glass relies on techniques that are all hand executed. Minor variations in color and shape are the beauty of the piece.

METAL PRODUCTS: All metal will develop some type of oxidation over various periods of time. Though that is unavoidable, Handle Drive uses the highest grade of materials and cutting edge techniques to maintain the original beautiful finish as long as possible with the least amount of maintenance required.

DAMAGES: Before you sign for your product, you must:

  • Always inspect the product
  • If you see obvious damage, NOTE the damage on the delivery receipt the driver gives you to sign and notify the driver of the damage.
  • SAVE ALL original packaging.
  • Contact the us via email at info@handleydrive.com WITHIN 5 days of receiving your shipment and provide us with photos of all damaged products and photos of any damaged boxing and packing materials.

RETURNS: We understand that sometimes you may need to return or exchange merchandise, and we are happy to accommodate. However, the following conditions must be met:

  • Items must be shipped back to us at the customer’s expense
  • Items must arrive in our warehouse in good condition AND in their original packaging. Should you open the packaging, it must be re-packaged exactly the same way it was sent.
  • A restocking fee of 30% of the merchandise will be charged on all returns.

General Guidelines: Products are shipped as available and are billed 1 to 5 business days prior to shipping. We do not notify you prior to shipping. All products must be inspected within 5 business days of receipt. We do not “Ship Orders Complete”.

RATES: Freight charges are based on weight and location are charged at a percent of the amount sent. Orders shipped to commercial addresses must have a loading dock. All addresses without a loading dock will incur additional accessorial charges, i.e. lift gate fee and such charges will be automatically billed.

Non-commercial delivery is any address not zoned as commercial and will incur additional shipping fees.

Should you ship to a location that meets one of the following criteria’s (narrow streets, streets where cars are parked on both sides, streets with low overhanging trees, etc.) the driver/delivery service may not be able to get their truck close to the delivery facility and product may need to be off loaded from a distance. Gated communities are considered non-shipping locations.

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